So, What’s Elmhurst All About?


A new sub-tab has been created in the About section named Elmhurst. This tab has information on our lovely town including location of schools, places of worship, transportation, and more!

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More sections coming up

Take a look at this brief introduction then click through each tab and explore. Leave some feedback in the Comments portion below each section.

TRANSPORTATION | Section includes information on the major roads, bus lines, and subway stations we have – and some fun facts!

PARKS & PLAYGROUNDS | Get information on how to get to Elmhurst’s 7 different parks and playgrounds then explore and enjoy the amenities.

SHOPPING | Find out shopping mall hours, directions, and contact information for guest services.

EDUCATION | Teacher-to-student ratios, the library, and even driving school information can all be found here!

WORSHIP | Get contact information and service hours from your local places of worship; if you don’t belong to any, find one!



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