$14M Heroin Drug Bust Tuesday Leaves Us Speechless!

Drug-Bust_Jan-26-16_500Thanks to Eyewitness News, I have learned there has been a huge drug bust in our own town. Tuesday evening at around 8:45pm, $14 Million worth (approximately 100 pounds) of Heroin was found hidden inside of car parts. NYC DEA had been surveilling near Northern Blvd and 84th St. as part of an ongoing investigation. Looks like this bust has some ties to major heroin distributors in the Northeast region of the US.

DEA Officers noticed two pick-up trucks (one with a hitch trailer) driving in circles for about 45 minutes before they approached the vehicles, and subsequently the drivers. A search dog picked up on the scent of drugs, so the drivers, Peter Omar Garcia-Romero and Jose Guadencio Lantan-Vela, were taken into custody. The vehicles were towed to the DEA’s Manhattan HQ when they then obtained a warrant and conducted a legal search.

Can you believe it? Drugs were found concealed within the inner-workings of the vehicles, the axles and drive shafts! These guys are getting good…. Check out the full story from Eyewitness News.

Every time I walk to the subway station, my heart breaks when I see mini baggies – the worst are the ones that clearly had something else in it other than marijuana. Personally, I have a “to each their own” mentality, but drug distribution and usage are sensitive issues for most (including me). It saddens me to know that our neighborhood is part of major drug distribution operations. Why? Solely because of our community’s safety. I have seen guns pulled out in the middle of the street among hundreds of innocent bystanders due to an attempted robbery or a deal gone bad – all because of drugs. But, I believe our community is strong and we will continue to pull together and make Elmhurst a safe place for future generations.


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