Our Recent Drug Problems – What Are Your Habits?

Drug use is relatively low in our neighborhood compared to other parts of New York City (at least visibly in my experience), but is relevant enough to be addressed. How many times have you smelled that funny (and really fun) smell on your way to work? Or have seen a baggie with some sort of residue on the floor? Continue reading “Our Recent Drug Problems – What Are Your Habits?”


$14M Heroin Drug Bust Tuesday Leaves Us Speechless!

Drug-Bust_Jan-26-16_500Thanks to Eyewitness News, I have learned there has been a huge drug bust in our own town. Tuesday evening at around 8:45pm, $14 Million worth (approximately 100 pounds) of Heroin was found hidden inside of car parts. NYC DEA had been surveilling near Northern Blvd and 84th St. as part of an ongoing investigation. Looks like this bust has some ties to major heroin distributors in the Northeast region of the US. Continue reading “$14M Heroin Drug Bust Tuesday Leaves Us Speechless!”

Snow Alert: Road Travel Ban for NYC After 2:30pm!

Gov. Cuomo put out a city wide alert for all non-emergency vehicles to be off the road after 2:30pm. That’s right – road travel is banned! This includes all public transportation so make sure you get home as soon as possible.

The snow has fallen after experiencing a bright and sunny 70* on Christmas day, but now it’s time to stay safe and warm! Mayor De Blasio has stated that this is one of the top five snowstorms recorded in history, so whether you decide to play in the snow or stay in an watch a movie (or catch up on your to-do list), make sure all your loved ones are accounted for.


Stay warm Elmhurst!

Scholarships You’ll Want to Consider (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Scholarship_Image_500Whether you are a high school senior, transfer, or prospective graduate student, scholarships are a great way to offset the expenses of higher education. There are both academic and non-academic scholarships available, and some are even done by lottery!

Check out the comprehensive list below of scholarships below that every students should apply for (in order of scholarship dollar amount):

NAME | Graduate Studies Endowment (ESA)
AMOUNT | $5000
ELIGIBILITY | Doctoral program
ESSAY REQUIRED | Yes (No limit – discuss your career goals)
NOTES | Sign up for an account on ESA, complete your profile (includes basic and detailed information, official transcript, letter of recommendation, and personal essay), then you can begin applying to 30+ scholarships. Apply for the Maxine Wirth Graduate Studies Endowment for your chance at another $3,000. Continue reading “Scholarships You’ll Want to Consider (Undergraduate & Graduate)”

Missing Woman from Neighboring Town Has Been Found!


Update: Before 3pm on January 15th, Libby was found unharmed and is now with safely with friends and family. The Chaverim of Queens was very thankful to the Q36 and Q82 buses for their help with the search.

Reports indicate that 22 year old Libby Ben Tzvi (also spelled Libi Benzvi) had been missing since Monday, January 11, 2015. She was last seen walking on Main Street and has a psychiatric medical history. Libby is around 5’4″ with brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and a stunning smile. Her family and friends are asking all of us to keep our eyes open, and if you spot her to inform officials. The Chaverim of Queens has a 24 hour hotline open (347)697-5553 or you can contact 911. Her sister Nomi may also be contacted – please email or comment below so I can provide you with her phone number.  Continue reading “Missing Woman from Neighboring Town Has Been Found!”

ruElmhurst? iamElmhurst is Looking for Writers, Photographers, and More – and You Can Get Paid!

New Contributor Form

Calling all writers/bloggers and photographers who embody Elmhurst! Are you looking to become a writer? photographer? or maybe want to help build a brand from the ground up? iamElmhurst is looking for some dedicated content creators for original content in the following areas:


  • Fashion – street fashion, trends, new store openings
  • Art – interview artists/gallerists, openings, studio visits, online art trends and discussion
  • Music – shows, band interviews, digital mix tapes
  • Real Estate/Architecture – new developments, rentals/homes for sale, guides
  • Food – Series, Reviews, Recipes, Interviews With Chefs
  • Environment – Local issues, Urban Sustainability, DIY Projects, Living Green
  • Tech – Local Start-ups, Online trends, Social Media, Local Blogs
  • Community News/Elmhurst Living
  • Events – Finger on the pulse of “What’s Going On?” in Elmhurst


  • Photo Series, Street Fashion, Portraits, Interiors/Exteriors, Street Photography, Events


  • Local series
  • One-off illustrations for specific posts

New Contributor Form

Because this is a brand new venture, aka no money (at the moment), it makes paying you for every post a bit challenging, but still you can get paid! Receive $10 for every post assigned by the publisher.

Email us with any questions you might have at iamElmhurst@gmail.com

It’s a New Year and a New Chance for More!

iamElmhurst HQ
where the magic happens

WHO AM I | Often people have urges to do something different with their lives, but don’t know what to do. I am totally one of these people! The only thing I know is that I want more, but where do I start? What do I do? How do I figure out what I ‘should’ be doing? I struggled with this for quite some time and found myself jumping around from one career to another. But, with every new year always comes the opportunity for a change and/or another chance to pursue dreams.

I first moved to the neighborhood in June 2006 and I hated it. I was waiting for the lease of my apartment to expire so I could quickly run to Astoria, Long Island City, or maybe even Greenpoint with the rest of the millenials. Truth is, I stuck out like a sore thumb and I couldn’t stand it. The white washed neighborhood I grew up in did not prepare me for what I was about to learn living in Elmhurst. I have always wanted to “fit in”, and Elmhurst showed me just how different I truly am. After the initial culture shock of moving here subsided, I began to appreciate the people, local foods, and of course the shopping. A full 12 month cycle had passed, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I signed the lease for another year, because barely scratching the surface of what Elmhurst has to offer simply was not enough. Fast forward almost a decade later and I have finally come to realize, I am Elmhurst. Continue reading “It’s a New Year and a New Chance for More!”

Coming Soon!

iamElmhurst.com will be your one stop for all local news, events, a directory, and so much more! Whether you live here, are visiting, or are merely curious about what’s going on, we will keep you up-to-date on events, food, drink, culture, art, music, and community affairs.

Sections will include “What’s Going On?”, “Spotted”, Food & Drink, Art/Music, Shopping, Local Businesses/Community, and anything interesting happening in our area.

This site will be developed over the course of the next few months, so please excuse the appearance and lack of content in the meantime!

We are looking for contributors! Are you interested? Email iamelmhurst@gmail.com.

Any ideas, questions or suggestions? Email iamelmhurst@gmail.com.