Our Recent Drug Problems – What Are Your Habits?

Drug use is relatively low in our neighborhood compared to other parts of New York City (at least visibly in my experience), but is relevant enough to be addressed. How many times have you smelled that funny (and really fun) smell on your way to work? Or have seen a baggie with some sort of residue on the floor?

I’m not too sure what’s more disappointing, the fact that we are having some major drug related issues in our neighborhood or the fact that I can’t seem to find any real statistics online about drug use/abuse by zip code. So far, we have had two major drug busts in our neighborhood. You know what else we have here? 7 parks and playgrounds,  21 schools, and 35 places of worship. I don’t mind it when people toke up here and there (I’m guilty of the same), but I don’t condone any type of abusive behavior. Take the brief poll below and tell us about your drug use – yes this includes the occasional toke! 😉


Most recently, iamElmhurst published an article about a $14M heroin drug bust that occurred on January 26th near Northern Blvd. Only a few months prior on October 6, 2015, there was a $3.5M marijuana drug bust just a few blocks away from my home! Does this mean there will me a $56M some other drug bust in May?

If you witness any suspicious activity, don’t be shy – speak up and say something! You could be saving your family member’s or friend’s life!!

Report a crime to the Department of Justice

How to help a drug addict



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